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Hey There, I'm Holly.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting this space!! A little bit about me, I'm an aquarius, I was born in the 80s, I am a mama to one special boy names Nash,  and a set of boy/girl twins. American Sign Language is a primary form of communication on our little home, I have a border collie/Australian shepherd dog- Luna. I am addicted to fresh water and the sun. I love places with no cell service, traveling with my husband Shane and Nash, fresh organic food and biodynamic wines. Anything that is earthy or bitter flavored, I love all the simple things in life like the sparks off of a pine campfire, watching the barn swallows on a warm June morning, sunrises, warm drinks, shooting stars, and journaling. I hope you feel all these slow, simple things while visiting this virtual space.

All About Me

Quite literally, right after giving birth to my son, Nash, life became so….

Different, and really not in a good way.

I had instant postpartum depression and anxiety.  I felt lonely right away! I felt all this just minutes after he was out of my body. Weeks and months following my birth, this progressed and worsened.  I also added feelings of being unsuccessful and useless and hating my new body to my list of new feelings since birth. 

My son wasn’t sleeping, both his legs were in full cast for 3 months due to his bilateral club feet and then in braces 23 hrs. a day until 3 years old. Sleep was unheard of to me and I wasn’t handling it well at all.  I told every doctor I came in contact with that I thought something was wrong with me and I had a feeling some other things were going on with Nash as well, but none of them listened.  The responses I always got were things like “you’re a new mom it's normal” “you will be ok, take a walk and get some fresh air”  I was losing my mind and if It wasn’t for my husband Shane, I don’t know where I would be right now!

In the middle of the night, in my chair, nursing Nash like I did all night every night just to get him to sleep for a little while, I was browsing all my mommy groups on Facebook and writing a small post about what I was going through hoping someone had some advice, anything at this point.  A sweet mama asked me for my address and if she could send me some samples of plant magic that had helped her in a similar situation and I could also use it for Nash to help him sleep and comfort pain from his leg braces as well. 

That was it!!   Once I received the samples and started using them everything fell into place.  Not only were they helping me feel better and Nash sleep better but they ignited a passion in me I never knew I had.  I was so interested in plant medicine, alternative medicine, being an advocate for my own and my family’s health, becoming self-sufficient, and focusing more on prevention than “fixes”.

Before I knew it, I had an organic herb, produce, and mushroom farm. I was waking up at 5 am to weed beds and milk goats, gather chicken and duck eggs, hang laundry out to dry, cut greens for the day's meals and prepping to butcher some chickens for the freezer! I enrolled in a three year advanced herbal certification program, started working on my Holistic nutrition certification, and my Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine.  

Now this is the shortest version of my story I have ever summarized.  It include, lots more things like seizures, epilepsy,monthly colon cancer testing at 16 months old, tons of therapy, over 30 different doctors, IBS, Chrons, celiac, ulcerative colitis, severe anaphylactic allergies to foods, sever gut and brain inflammation, more than one traumatic brain injury, living in the hospital for a total of 10 months of my life with a two year old, infertility for 6 years.  Hosting women's retreats, helping feed my community fresh organic produce, opening my home to people who want to learn, lots of RV traveling, learning how to raise a child with special needs, embracing being different,  learning American Sign Language as a 2nd language in our home, homeschooling and so much more!

But today, we are so happy, so healthy, so full of joy and hope.  We are in complete control of our heath now and practice prevention every day.  My relationship with God is stronger than I could have ever imagined and Nature is my church.

If I can help in any way, please reach out!







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