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Let's Talk Oils


Listen closely, I . AM. NOT. over here just trying to sell you an oily kit!!


Do I want essential oils in EVERY home??
YES, yes I do!! I know the healing properties of herbal medicine! I support taking control and responsibility of your health and being your own health advocate!! 

Plant medicine is the OLDEST and longest standing form of health and wellness!! Mind body and soul health! <-the real deal

Herbal medicine is real and it works! These oils are concentrated plants in a bottle, from a company that is so amazing. Young living supports ethical and Bio-dynamic farming, they employ so many familys in under privileged part of the world. They own/ parter own ALL there own farms. They are a green company! Guys... it doesn't get better

Yes it starts with purchasing the best oils but it leads to
SO. MUCH. MORE!! I promise!

Do I need to sell oils if I buy a kit?


No! Not at all. But for me personally, making the decision to do this and actually commit to the business has not only brought me a monthly paycheck that covers my mortgage and much more, I have make some of my very best of friends.

Anything you do in life, including owning and running your own business can look however you want it to!! I love that I can customize this to fit who I am and what I love.

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