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Nash's first day of School

Today went better than I ever could have expected!

Let me explain a little bit about Nash school situation. This year Nash is trying out our local public school for Kindergarten. I am a diehard homeschool mom who doesn't think little kids should have to stand in lines, sit in rows, and be inside learning from a worksheet all day. I'm actually 100% against it! When I went to the first meeting with the school district to tell them I would be homeschooling...well they were the sweetest, most kind people that were willing to work with me and give me whatever we needed to make Nash comfortable, safe, and feel included. This included me being his classroom aide for the year. I will be signing and interpreting all this classes.

Due to Nash's special needs we don't have a "set schedule" if he can only come for recess and lunch one day that's all we do, if he wants to go 5x a week that's what we do! When we are not in school we "homeschool".

I was very worried Nash would become overstimulated with a whole day of school today. Over stimulation for Nash looks a few different ways, but he usually completely shuts down, lays on the floor and wont listen to anyone. He blocks out everything and doesn't always behave as I would like, but he LOVED it and he did so well and even started using his signs with a few new friends.

He made it all day, the last hour I could tell he was done, he clocked out and was no longer listening or paying attention. We will give a full day a few more tries and if we have to make it half days we will!

We will be going back to school next week and Nash can't wait!

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